How to remove chocolate stain from upholstery fabric

Eating chocolate on the sofa is risky but we all do it!

If you are looking for a simple solution on how to remove chocolate stain from upholstery please read information below. We asked our cleaning professionals to share their insight on the best home remedies to remove chocolate stains!

Steps to remove chocolate stains from upholstery

You will need:

  • Water
  • Detergent/Hand Soap
  • Soft cloth or a brand new clean sponge
  • Paper towel

Cleaning Process:

  • Prepare a mixture of one cup of warm water with detergent or hand soap
  • Carefully pour a little bit of the mixture on the chocolate stain
  • Take a clean cloth and rub the stain from the edge into the center. It is important that you follow this step so you won’t spread the stain further. The movement should also be done in the direction of the fabric so you won’t damage it.
  • Use paper towel to dry the surface. It is recommended to leave it for couple of minutes so the stain soaks into the paper towel
  • Repeat this steps until the stain goes away. Remember to use clean corner of the cloth to rub the stain with the detergent/hand soap

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