How much does House Cleaning cost?

Janitor cleaning oven in the kitchen

Here at Cleanduo, we provide our clients with upfront pricing for their House Cleaning services! Yes, you heard that right! No hidden fees, no more “request a quote”, just the upfront price for your cleaning service.

Our rates vary dependent on the size of your house, number of add ons that you select and number of hours it takes to clean.

As an example, the one bedroom apartment/house we assume that it takes 3 hours to clean and the price for the job goes as low as $79, if you sign up for weekly house cleaning plan with us! You can check all our pricing by just inserting your zip code, choosing number of bedrooms and bathrooms of your property and you will get instant upfront price with different combinations (recurring vs one-time cleaning).

Please note that for homes or apartments larger than 2500 square feet, the price is calculated on the individual basis. The reason behind it is because usually the cleaning of the large home that is above 2500 square feet takes much longer and requires more staff to do the job.

Just feel free to reach us at (305) 910-2255 or email us directly at and one of our Cleanduo Team members will be more than happy to assist you and answer any of your questions or concerns! Thank you for reading!


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